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bespoke online coaching

Our Online Coaching section is our most individualized. On our online coaching platform, all of our programs are designed specifically to you, your training age, your movement ability, your sport and your time of the season.


In this section you will be assigned a coach who will provide support throughout your program and ensure you are progressing effectively. 


Online Coaching


"Working with Lukasz from GPC has been hugely important with my progression to date.


Lukasz’s philosophy, expertise and dedication to his profession is inspiring. Starting from a base level, Lukasz systematically and expertly put in place a programme that we have been pro-actively working with.

The results have been that my strength, power and mobility have developed greatly which have enhanced my game.


Lukasz’s plans are tailored for my own personal requirements, are challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Lukasz has also instilled in me the importance of good practice and impeccable technique when it comes to S&C.

I look forward to continuing to work with GPC in the future."

-Colin , Treaty Utd, Ireland 

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