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Our Online Coaching section is our most individualized. On our online coaching platform, all of our programs are designed specifically to you, your training age, your movement ability, your sport and your time of the season.


In this section you will be assigned a coach who will provide support throughout your program and ensure you are progressing effectively. 


Online Coaching


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"My time with Lukasz  from GPC was invaluable. His methodical approach to training allowed him to work on particular areas of strength and fitness in relation to my needs and wants.

He is extremely knowledgeable and always had a specific plan around each day and week of the season. His mobility and flexibility drills are so effective always allowing me to stay injury-free, maximising my training time.

What I really appreciated the most was his individual attention to each athlete. By understanding that not everybody was the same, he was always looking to serve everybody best rather than group everyone together.

I would recommend GPC to anybody looking to take their performances to the next level."

-Seamus Callanan, Tipperary Hurler

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