GPC performance programs cover everything you need to be the best you physically can for your sport.


The performance programs are broken up into Hurling, Football and Camogie, and they are also broken down into experience level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) and the stage of the season you are in (Off, Pre, In or Post Season).

Each package contains a weekly schedule including detailed warm-ups, gym work (hypertrophy, strength, power, based on time of season), and conditioning work.


Our Online Coaching section is our most individualized. On our online coaching platform, all of our programs are designed specifically to you, your training age, , your movement ability, your sport and your time of the season.

In the Online Coaching section we have three options, Bronze, Silver and Gold membership, each delivering quality performance programming based on your needs. Check these out below. 


In this section you will be assigned a coach who will provide support throughout your program and ensure you are progressing effectively. 


This speed development system is the product of working and learning with elite level athletes from multi-disciplinary sports from Inter-County hurling to Professional Rugby to D1 American Football.


We have seen the good the bad and the ugly and now deliver an efficient, scientifically based, real world tested speed development program.



The physicality of almost every field based sport has increased every year in recent years. 

Having lean muscle mass the you can move efficiently is now a must in almost every team based sport. 

Being able to win the ruck ball and break a tackle is massive. 

Our 8 Week Lean Mass System is a sport specific muscle mass development program which will allow you to maintain strength levels and the ability to move efficiently in your sport