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Why Online Coaching? and the benefits of our Mobile App...

•    Improve Strength so that you can break tackles at ease and be stronger in the ruck
•    Be the first to the ball every time by improving Speed
•    Increase Lean Muscle Mass so that you can be more dominant in your position
•    Improve your fitness so that you can be effective from the start to finish of every game
•    Personalised training helps reduce injury risk so that you can stay healthy and stay on the field all season
•    Constantly Improve, don’t just be strong for the first 8 weeks of pre-season!

GPC Performance online coaching platform is a cost-effective way to train under fully qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches working with some of the most elite athletes in their sport

What is included in our comprehensive Online Coaching package:

  • Powerful results

  • Fitness & lifestyle assessment

  • Movement competency assessment

  • Customised training plan that fits your goals

  • Tailored gym and at-home workouts

  • Comprehensive nutritional support with our partners at daveynutrition

  • Tailored cardio training plans each week

  • Monthly targets based off testing results

  • Exercise videos

  • Easy to follow exercise plans

  • Motivational coaching

  • Schedule notifications 

  • Progress tracker

  • Powerful Mobile app

  • Daily support and weekly check-ins

  • Monthly Zoom check in (15mins)

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