Are you struggling with your on field physicality? Are you being pushed off the ball or not dominating in the tackle?



Specific physical mass and strength are important physical qualities in todays world in most field sports. Having muscle mass is one thing, but having muscle mass that you can move efficiently on the field is a totally different ball game. 

There are key target areas and factors that must be included when trying to develop and increase lean muscle mass. Some of these are: 

  1. Neural Stress

  2. Metabolic Stress

  3. Movement ability and mobility

  4. Plyometric training

This lean mass system is the product of working and learning with elite level and amateur athletes from multi-disciplinary sports from Inter-County hurling to Professional Rugby to D1 American College Football. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and now deliver an effective, scientifically based, real world tested program.

Here's what you'll get access to once you purchase the 8 Week Lean Mass System:

  • 8 weeks of periodized, real world tested, lean mass development programming

  • 4 sessions a week including two wholebody gym sessions and two upperbody gym sessions 

  • Session warm ups and program walkthroughs

  • Video demonstrations and coaching points for every exercise

  • Stage-by-stage technique and exercise progressions

  • Mobile app with the full program including printable copies and weekly layout with offline ability

  • Different muscle actions prioritised over the 8 weeks with Eccentric and Isometric focused weeks

  • Nutrition tips to maximize what your development

And this program isn't just for experienced athletes. It includes progressions for all levels from beginner all the way up to elite athletes. It is also applicable to people who are not athletes but want to work on lean muscle gain!!

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