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Speed is the key physical quality that can differentiate you from the rest in every field-based sport.

That's a big statement! But, you can be the biggest, strongest and fittest athlete on the field, but if the faster guy beside you can get to the ball quicker than you can, then the other physical qualities are not worth much. Correct? Yes.

Although strength and multiple physical qualities provide a great base to develop speed on, they will more than likely make you fast enough that you will notice it on the field. Speed development really comes down to a number of things: 

  1. Ability to direct force horizontally into the ground

  2. Technique

  3. Exposure to sprinting, including top speed or max velocity

  4. Posture and efficiency

  5. Plyometric ability

This speed development system is the product of working and learning with elite level athletes from multi-disciplinary sports from Inter-County hurling to Professional Rugby to D1 American Football. We have seen the good the bad and the ugly and now deliver an efficient, scientifically based, real-world tested speed development program.

Here's what you'll get access to once you purchase the 8 Week Speed Development System:

  • 8 weeks of periodized, real-world tested, speed development programming

  • 3 sessions a week including an acceleration focused session, speed-focused gym session and top speed-focused session

  • Session warm-ups and program walkthroughs

  • Video demonstrations and coaching points for every exercise

  • Staged-by-stage technique and speed progressions

  • Mobile app with the full program including printable copies and weekly layout with offline ability!

And this program isn't just for experienced athletes. It includes progressions for all levels from beginners all the way up to elite athletes. We take all the guesswork out of it for you so that you can noticeably improve your speed in 8 weeks !!

Click the button below to get immediate access to our Speed Development System

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