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Once you get started,
you'll wish you had started earlier 

Lean mass program

This is not your average muscle building program

We are not interested in 'quick fixes'

We are not interested in 'fad-diets'

We are not interested in 'HIIT' style workouts or bodybuilding type program splits

Having worked with hundreds of clients and athletes, and achieving real results, we understand that getting lasting change is so much more than a training program and a nutrition plan

Everything must be sustainable

Timing, Consistency and Life Choices are key to you reaching your goals

There are some key elements that we know are crucial to long term success:

With our partners at daveynutrition, we ensure that all the above are guaranteed, leaving no excuse for YOU to reach and exceed your goals

What's included in our 12 Week Lean Mass Package?


A Personal Action Plan

To ensure you have a plan of action for life and training to allow you reach your goals

Accountability and Support

We are here to ensure that you are sticking to the plan and will help you with any obstacles which may come in your way. We will check in with you every week to ensure you are making progress


Once you join, you will be part of our private Facebook group, surrounded by people who are on a similar journey to you


It is a priority for us that you learn something every week and leave you with the knowledge and confidence to continue making progress and smart decisions. 

Mobile App With Video Tutorials

When it comes to the training plan, there will be no guessing as our app provides detailed exercise videos and coaching points. Bye Bye PDF's!

How do I get started?


Step 1

Fill out the application form at the link below

Step 2

Once the form is submitted you will be given a link to book a 20-min 'Discovery Call' with us 

Step 3

On the call we will discuss your current training and lifestyle, and discuss where you want to get to. If we feel the program isn't a good fit for you, we will advise you on other options !

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